Our client’s needs and sensibility is pivotal to our dream home creations. We combine a uniqueness in style with the nitty-gritties of the practical and functional to make our creations hugely distinctive. They are truly signatures of timeless appeal, with a stamp of minimalism and beautiful functionalism.


‘Enigmatic, expressive, timeless designs’ is what our company seeks to achieve. Styles that once epitomized sophisticated living are hard to come by today. Cornerstone Designs Studio makes them possible. Help is also at hand to aid clients’ source artifacts and daily-use items from across the world; items with a huge twist of style, élan and panache.


Our hospitality projects have been hugely varied and immensely challenging.


We have conceptualized and created farmhouses in this area. The accent has been on a fusion of Asian coastal architectural forms intertwined with classy modern contemporary forms; and on the much-loved quintessential country look with the trappings of modern life. Prolific use has been made of mediums that allow for easy maintenance, offer a look of uncluttered elegance, aid in the blending of the exterior environment with the interiors of home, and green architecture.


We design apartments with flourishes of the traditional or modern, depending on what our clients want. We are adept at working with the structure, the civil and the smaller details like artifacts, paintings, furnishing and other collectibles that our clients may have acquired over the years. We design homes around them so that they define our client’s worldview.

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